Dec 282011

IEEE Software magazine will be a media sponsor for “Computing: The Human Experience,” a transmedia project being produced by longtime Software contributor and board member Grady Booch and his wife, Jan, a psychotherapist, social worker, and theologian.

Dec 212011

While many a good geek loves hearing about the cyphers and gadgets that were the root of modern computing, making this interesting for everyone else is something Booch is putting a lot of work into. He plans to focus on the people behind it all. “I’m a great fan of Joseph Campbell and his exposition of the hero’s journey. Each of us, individually and in the context of various social structures, is the hero in our own unique journey…” he said. “Therein, I think, is the hook: the history of computing is also the history of human needs.” The story of computers is a story that ties into both our past and our future; one shaped by curiosity and imagination; of a struggle for power and control.

Dec 152011

When computers emerged, we willfully followed them down every twist and turn—some good, and some bad. In one lifetime, computers have have grown to saturate nearly every element of life, from food transportation and household gadgets, to the cars we drive, to global finances. By presenting this history, world-renowned computer scientist Grady Booch, and a team of experts the field, hope to make us think about our relationships to computers, and whether we choose to control our futures or be controlled by the very machines we created.

Dec 132011

Grady Booch, IBM Chief Scientist for software engineering and well-known software design and architecture expert, is going to create a TV series on computing. He and his wife Jan Booch are planning to produce 11 episodes with the objective to educate “audiences of all ages in the story of the technology that has changed humanity.” Grady Booch invented the Booch method for software design and has been one of the famous “three amigos” (Booch, Rumbaugh, Jacobsen) responsible for creating Unified Modeling Language (UML). His methodology also had a huge impact on the Rational Unified Process. Later he acted as one of the proponents of the pattern community. In the time when Booch became IBM Chief Scientist for software engineering he also started efforts to write a Handbook of Software Architecture which is still an ongoing project.

Dec 112011

原文标题: Computing: a Documentary of the Human Experience by Grady Booch